Planning on starting a garden this Spring in East Texas?  Forget the water, and forget talking to the plants, heck, might as well forget sunlight as well.

You won't believe what will make your garden grow, and it shouldn't cost you one single penny, because there is a specialty item you can likely find in your vinyl record collection that will do the trick.

According to Chris Beardshaw, a self proclaimed "television gardener" (huh?) from the U.K., when studying the effects of plant life sustainability, those being given a steady stream of rock, such as Black Sabbath music, prevailed remarkably over other plants listening - let's say too - Cliff Richard ("Carrie", "We Don't Talk Anymore", "Devil Woman").

In a comparison study done in a greenhouse, one building was silent, another played classical music, yet another spewed Cliff Richard, and yet another roared the deafening pulsating thump of "Paranoid" -- with the only "paranoia" the plants feeling, was when the Black Sabbath tune stopped playing!

The only drawback, if one it all, is that the "Sabbath" plants grew shorter than the others, however, the study also revealed the "Sabbath" plants boasted a sturdier susceptibility to disease.  So there!

F.Y.I. - Beardshaw claims the "Richard" plants all died!