Last year just a handful of people signed up for health insurance on the first day of the national open enrollment period, and this year as signups began on Saturday, the federal government says 100,000 people signed up.

The open enrollment period this year is a lot shorter, so don't be caught by surprise.

I've had my own insurance policy for several years, and my insurance company let me know recently that my particular plan was ending, and that I needed to sign up for something new during the open enrollment period.  That might be your scenario, or you might need to sign up for new coverage.  Whatever the case, the open enrollment period runs from November 15th through February 15th.

The federal government says is running smoothly so far.

For those running into problems, it usually has something to do with a forgotten password or username.  Do you remember yours?  Me neither.  Once that's reset, you should be good to go.