There is only one movie left in the 2021 season at The Pines Theater in Downtown Lufkin. The venue is always an amazing experience, and seeing a movie there just adds to it.

It's perfect for many reasons, but especially interesting when you go see classic movies and even those newer classics.

Prancer is now a holiday movie classic. Grab your tickets today for the last movie of the year.

The Pines Theater Lufkin
The Pines Theater Lufkin

Is This Your Favorite Holiday Movie? 

Some movies just match your personality more than others, and this one might be your favorite. Though the movie was made back in 1989 its good-natured holiday cheer makes it worth a revisit.

Saturday, December 18th see 'Prancer' back on the big screen at 'The Pines'. See why the movie's young actress, Rebecca Harrell, got a nomination for a Young Actress Award.

The movie is centered around the character Harrell plays, Jessica. She is tough and resilient in the movie, while still holding on to her dreams.

Get into the holiday season with 'Prancer.' This cult Christmas classic seems so real, yet is so magical. You will get in the Christmas spirit with this film.

Ticket Information And Links

Each one of these timeless films that are shown could be someone in your family's favorite movie. I would just go ahead now and purchase tickets to Prancer before it sells out.

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Tickets to Prancer are just $5  and are already on sale. The concessions are reasonably priced as well. The movie is on Saturday, December 18th, at 7 pm.

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