Here's a follow-up, and a personal prop to restaurant chain Raising Cane's (located right here in Nacogdoches), which celebrated a grand ole day on May 6.

It was "Educator Appreciation Day", and that meant honoring those who make a difference in the lives of children.

And, that includes a shout out to bus driver Horace Holly, who drove me safely to school for four years, and made me the "window monitor" of bus #563 (kids today would laugh, but at the time, 1970-1974, it was an honor to be cherished).

Here's shouting out to Ms. Jane, Bert, Lawrence, and Mrs. Renfro, the campus supervisors, that insured our safety, ruling the terrain with no more than a whistle around their necks (kids today would laugh, but at the time, 1974-1978, the only infractions were students not cleared to leave campus during lunch period).

To Mrs. Dominguez, from the cafeteria, who always gave "us" extra mashed potatoes and gravy, and never counted the fish sticks.

Finally, to all my teachers, especially Ms. Pecula who taught "Spanish I", whom gave most of her students passing grades just for trying, and to Mr. Kertge, who taught "Spanish II", whom gave most of his students passing grades, for recognizing they had Ms. Pecula for "Spanish I".

So, thank you Raising Cane's, for raising the bar, and raising awareness for an excellent cause.