A Texas Department of Public Safety officer pulled over a box truck in Jasper County early yesterday morning for a seatbelt violation, and that led to one of the biggest East Texas marijuana busts in recent history.

The officer reported becoming suspicious when the driver and passenger gave conflicting stories, so the trooper asked to search the vehicle with the help of a drug sniffing dog. That turned up 1000 pounds of maijuana, concealed in the back of the truck. The driver and passenger were arrested right there on the road - US Highway 190, west of Jasper.

I was curious, so I conducted some quick research using the powers of the internet to see what the street value of 1000 pounds of pot might be. Wow. I discovered a thousand pound drug bust in South Carolina that carried an estimated street value of $3.7 million. In Arizona, a thousand pound marijuana bust was estimated to have a street value of over $7 million. Big bucks!

And two men await big court dates.