Have you ever seen this show on television called 'Extreme Couponing'?  It must take days to tape, and even weeks in deciding what coupons will, or will not be used, in order to save "boo-koo" bucks.

Have to admit that I'm fascinated how two sisters can spend $400 on merchandise, but after submitting coupons, pay a mind boggling $54 at check-out.  I kind of understand the "dental floss" overkill, but do they really need eight boxes of "pampers" , when neither one has children?

Maybe I don't know enough about the "game", but when I get coupons in the mail, it's usually for a discount on contact lens solution, or something I really need, like -- organic hamster food!

Nevertheless, my eyes have widened to the veracity of the shopping experience.  I mean, with the money being saved on couponing, I could afford a bigger house, because I would need a pantry the size of Texas to store the goods.

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