How much do you love your pet?

Enough to sell your home to raise $50,000 in reward money if the dog becomes lost?

There’s a man in Warren, Texas, north of Beaumont, whose chocolate lab named “Sir” went missing in mid-September. For five years, Charlie Parker says the dog was never more than a few steps behind him, and now the dog is gone. He told the story to the local TV station KFDM, and said he’ll give up anything to get his dog back, other than his wife and his horse. The couple doesn’t have any children.

I’ll admit, when I first heard the story about a man willing to sell his house just to get his dog back, I thought he was crazy. But after watching the video and putting myself in Charlie’s shoes, I was nearly brought to tears and now I want to go on an all-day and all-night search with camoflauge and flashlights to help this man find this dog! Where did you go, Sir?

It would be a long shot to think Sir wandered this far north, but you never know. Keep an eye out. There’s $50,000 in if for you.

(The pic on this blog is not Sir, but it’s a similar-loooking Chocolate Lab. Sir wears a camoflauge collar.)

We hope Sir finds his way back home soon.