Yay for us!  We don't get too cutesy with baby names in Texas, and I just know our kids will grow up to be the coolest, smartest, most well-adjusted kids on the planet.

The most popular baby names in Texas draw from the past, and mix tradition with current trends.  If this Top 5 list is any indication, Texans are great at naming babies.

A new list breaks down the most popular baby names by state, and says these are the top picks in Texas.

Emma, Sophia, Isabella, Mia, Olivia

Noah, Jacob, Daniel, Liam, Jayden

And there you have the kindergarten class of 2020!  Cool names Texas, cool names.

I went with Finley, Kallan, and Piper for my girls' names.  Kallan gets upset that she can never find her name on any of those pre-printed key chains and squirt bottles at convenience stores, but other than that they love their names.  If they're happy, I'm happy.

If you want to go against the grain and get off the popular lists, there's always Dorothy, Glenn, Albert, or Simona.  Those were my grandparents' names and they have completely fallen off the baby name lists and may be going extinct.

It will be a long time before that happens to Emma and Liam.

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