Every year the Social Security Administration puts together a list of the top baby names in the US and in each state. What names are the most popular in Texas?

When my daughter was born in 2008, we tried hard to come up with a name that was not on the popular lists.  We wanted something unique and different, that was not too weird yet not too common.  We found it!  Finley!

Now, guess what?  Finley is on the list of the Top Ten Unisex names!  I guess others had the same idea.

In 2012, Sophia was number one for girls, and Jacob was tops for boys. Isabella, Emma, Mia, Emily, and Olivia were popular for girls too. Other popular boy names include Jayden, Ethan, Noah, and Daniel.

But so far in 2013, the most popular name for girls is Imogen, when you look outside Texas.  And for boys, it's Asher.

An MSN article lists the top Unisex names so far this year, and names like Rowan, Quinn, Kai, Sawyer, and Avery make up the top five.

Finley is number nine on the list. Celebrities with children named Finley include Angie Harmon, Lisa Marie Presley, and Daniel Baldwin.  That may have helped the name's popularity.

Oh, and if your name is George, you are going to have a lot of young boys following your footsteps.  Thank William and Kate for that!  The name George has gained popularity since young Prince George Alexander Louis was born back in July.

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