Usually, thieves try to be a little discreet, but not this time. Some Texas robbers unscrewed a flat screen from someone's wall and rode off with it on a motorcycle.  That sight would be hard to miss!

If a motorcycle next to you on the road is carrying a 50-inch TV, you'd probably do a double take at the very least.  That size of TV would be a whole lot wider than a motorcycle, and if the TV is wedged between the driver and the passenger it would probably look a little goofy and squished and the passenger wouldn't be able to see.

If you spot this strange sight, you might need to call the cops.  It could either be the criminals that police are looking for, or I guess it could be just some ordinary, everyday Texans who are moving to a new house and just didn't want to rent a U-haul.

Two men who stole a 50-inch TV from a home in Manvel and the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office got some security camera footage that showed the two taking a TV that had been screwed into a cabinet on the back patio, and then riding off with it on the motorcycle with the TV sandwiched between them. Several witnesses sent video and pictures, but everyone ultimately lost sight of the suspects and they've faded into obscurity now.

If you see these guys riding across East Texas, call the police and let them know.  And if you're going to move a flat-screen to your new apartment anytime soon, you might want to forgo the idea of using a motorcycle to do it until this story dies down, or you'll have red and blue flashing lights behind you.

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