When I was eight years old, during the age of time known as "Flower Power", I faintly recall my Mom saying something like, "you're going to get a bath tonight whether you like it or not" -- and make no mistake, she meant business. 

And, I'm pretty sure that after playing two hours of kickball each day after school on heat searing pavement, that I was quite the little stinker -- if you know what I mean.

That being said, what happened at Peaster Elementary School in Weatherford?

According to sources, two school officials forced an eight year old to bathe because he "smelled badly, was dirty, and had bad hygiene".  Further, the youngster allegedly became 'sore' due to the vigourous scrub-down, in addition to having cotton balls put in his ear.

The parents say they were never contacted by the school regarding their son, and suggested that a telephone call would have been the appropriate first step.  So now, Amber and Michael Tilley have fired their own shot back at the education establishment, suing the Peaster Independent School District.

I ask you, where did the common sense go in this case?