The 2016 Christmas Parade has come and gone. We kicked off the Christmas season right with our annual tradition, and here's some pictures from the celebration.

It seemed like the whole town was out last night, but just in case you missed it, we've got pictures of all the floats. Some during the set-up process, and others in full action.

We really had an amazing time, and it was great to see so many of our listeners out watching the parade. We have been working with Pure Energy in Lufkin to make a joyful noise in this parade.

Thanks to everyone that was there waving, I even got a few low fives driving around the parade. I think this was a great kick off to the holiday season in Lufkin. Thanks to Barbara Thompson and all the main street staff that make this an an ongoing staple in our community.

So take a look at all the pictures, even if you were there, because we got some shots before it really got dark and you are able to see more of the floats.  Everyone really worked hard on all of them.  One next to us even had a working fireplace, though it was just a fog machine, I wanted to warm up next to it!.

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