Biologists have found positive mosquito samples near The Woodlands, and Texas Health and Human Services says we've had positive West Nile activity near Carthage and Canton too.  Here's what we need to know.

Worries about West Nile may not feel as prevalent as they were a  few years ago, but this latest news is enough to make us start buying a whole lot of bug spray again.  The last thing we need after a fun camping trip, is a roaring case of the West Nile virus when we get home.  Those who get it can recover, but they say it makes them weak for weeks, and really zaps quality of life for a long time, with headaches, vomiting, and other unpleasant things.

Texas Health and Human Services shows West Nile in Panola and Van Zandt Counties, but so far Angelina County is in the clear.  If virus-carrying mosquitoes are near us, doesn't it make you wonder if we've got 'em too, and they just haven't tested the samples yet?  We'll see.  The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has had positive West Nile mosquitoes this summer as well.

Last week, a sample of mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile in The Woodlands, and Fox 26 reports they're spraying now and have a mosquito abatement plan to reduce the risk of humans getting the virus.

The point is, West Nile isn't leaving Texas alone this summer, and if you've got a camping or fishing trip coming up, don't forget to pack the bug spray with DEET as an ingredient.  We should also get rid of standing water and report dead birds to local authorities, so they can decide if it had an unfortunate encounter with a mosquito. Mosquitoes get the virus from infected birds.

Now, let's get outside this summer and make the most of all the things that Texas brings us!   We'll show these mosquitoes who's boss.  Just don't forget to pack the OFF.

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