A lot of Texas restaurants have secret menus, but this hidden Whataburger menu has some interesting twists.

It will flip the ever-popular chicken and waffle idea on its head, and it will give you a veggie burger like you've never seen before. Prepare yourself.

If you've ever eaten a big plate of chicken and waffles and wished it was chicken and pancakes instead, you're in luck.  On the secret menu, Whataburger offers up chicken and pancakes and it comes with some eggs on the side for an extra shot of protein and greatness.

Wide Open Eats posted all 7 Whataburger Secret Menu Items to totally free our burger-lovin' minds.  Whataburger is pretty good about making things to order anyway, but this secret menu gives us even more options.

Maybe you've concocted your own fizzy and sweet green drink at home using Vault soda and Powerade, but at Whataburger it's called The Hulk and it's on the secret menu.  Everything tastes better at restaurants anyway, so we might as well order it there and make everyone in the restaurant wonder why they didn't see this green magic potion as an option on the standard beverage list.

Other options on the Whataburger secret menu include a grilled cheese sandwich, the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich, the Double Double (meat and cheese with onion rings if you want), and a veggie burger that includes a hash brown patty.  Lots of fast food restaurants will leave the meat off and just give you a pile of veggie toppings on the veggie burger, but the Whataburger version includes some spuds.  Texans trust Whataburger to do what's right, so we're sure this is a good thing.

Why don't they put these secret menu items on the regular menu?  Because it wouldn't be as much fun!  So let's sneak in there with sunglasses and trench coats on and get us one of those covert grilled cheese sammiches and chase it with The Hulk.  Texas is cool like that.

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