It's time to start thinking about BACK TO SCHOOL...oops, maybe I should whisper that.  Ready or not, the return to school is just around the corner and this is the weekend to head to the stores and take advantage of Tax Free Shopping. 

August 5th-7th is the annual state of Texas Tax-Free Back to School Shopping event. Many area retailers are offering huge sales on top off the extra savings of not having to pay the 8 1/4 percent sales tax.  But, only those items that are deemed 'back to school' items draw the tax exemption.  For instance, a belt that has a buckle will not be taxed this weekend, however, a stand alone buckle will be taxed.

You won't have to pay taxes on tennis shoes and sneaker, flip flops, or sandals, but shoes specific to certain sports or activities such as golf, water sports, or any cleated shoes will be taxed.

Want to get a head start and buy a mask or costume for Halloween? No need to pay tax on that.  Want to buy a protective mask such as a welder's or surgical mask, then you'll be shelling out the taxes on that.

If this all gets your head spinning a bit, relax...a complete rundown of what's exempt and what's not is just a click away.

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