Texas has several spots in the Top 50 when it comes to the best cities to visit on New Year's Eve.  Another win for us as a whole.

What's your favorite night spot to ring in the New Year in East Texas?

At #40, Austin is the highest ranking Texas spot on the list of the Best Places for New Year's Eve Celebrations, according to WalletHub.  Their data set ranges from “legality of fireworks” to “average price of a New Year’s Eve party ticket” to the weather and the potential for wintery precip on December 31.  Safety and accessibility count too.

Dallas is #44 on the list of the best New Year's Eve spots, and Corpus Christi is #52. Plano, El Paso, and San Antonio all rank ahead of Houston, which comes in at #85. Anywhere with some good barbecue and beer sounds good to us, and we can make that happen in Nac or Lufkin, right?

Orlando is #1 on the list of the best New Year's Eve spots, then San Francisco, Atlanta, and Denver.

What bar or restaurant is the best in East Texas for ushering in 2017?  Or do you spend New Year's Eve on the couch at home with fuzzy slippers, a mermaid blanket, and a cozy fire?  Do tell.  And have a fun week.  We hope you can find some time to relax and unwind, wherever you happen to be.

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