The best white sandy beaches in the world may be in Hawaii, Greece, and Mexico, but Texas has a hidden gem of its own that you don't want to miss.  The secret is out!

This area is tucked away, and not as popular as some of the other beaches on the Texas coast so you don't have to fight the huge crowds there.  Get a good tan, relax, and take selfies with your drink with the floating umbrella toothpick in peace.

There's lots of buzz about Mustang Island, which stretches for about 18 miles near Corpus Christi.  As OnlyInYourState points out, the Galveston beaches have become known for dark, muddy sand and murky water in spots, but Mustang Island feels a little more like a tropical paradise with the bright white sand leading up to the blue water.

Mustang Island is not a touristy spot, so it can be a little more relaxing and rejuvenating than some places around Texas. And we hear the shallow-water fishing spots and paddling trails are good places to actually get wet and experience the water, rather than just sit on the beach and look at it.   Whether you touch the water or not, at Mustang Island you've found a white sandy beach and you're still in Texas. No need for a passport.

Have  you been there?  We'll watch for your pics on social media this summer. What's your best beach in Texas?

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