We might be great at keeping the sheets washed and clean at our own houses, but that little detail is beyond our control when we stay at a hotel.  Surely the housekeeping staff is washing the sheets after each guest, right?  Not always.  Ew.

Inside Edition did an investigation and found that hotel sheets aren't being changed as often as we think.  To discover this, someone undercover booked a room and put a splotch of paint on the sheets that would show up under ultra-violet light, and the next night that person checked into the same room under a different name to see if the paint was still there.  And it was.  Yuck.

This was at a pricey hotel on the East Coast.  Surely our East Texas hotels are doing what guests expect, and washing the sheets after each guest because we're good people who do the right thing here, and hospitality really is hospitality to us.

Heads up when you're traveling this fall.  You might want to pack an extra pillow case

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