What happens in the shower stays in the shower.  Usually.  This little secret is getting out, what many people are starting to do in the shower, and we're wondering if you're doing it in Lufkin and Nacogdoches.  One way or another, we bet you have an opinion on it.

Ever peel an orange and eat that while you're in the shower?  It's a thing now, and it might be catching on around East Texas.

More and more people are getting on board with the idea of eating an orange while taking a shower, and here are some of the reasons why.

The orange scent is calming and soothing and fits right in with the relaxing water flow.

If you're running short on time for breakfast, it's a way to multi-task.

If your fingers get sticky you can rinse them off right there in the shower stream.

Vitamin C is good for your skin.

And since many cleaning products have traces of orange in them, save three bucks and squirt a little extra orange juice right on the shower wall.  The acid in the orange is supposed to eat that grime right off the tile for ya.

Some people are posting pictures of their shower oranges on social media, and some of the photos show them eating the peel and everything.  Ew.  But there would be less trash that way.

What else can we eat in the shower?  Bananas could get slippery and apples leave a core.  A sandwich would get soggy, but you could probably accomplish it if you ate it fast enough.  Grapes?  Soup in a mug?  Could we work in wine or beer?

Hmm.  Does anyone just plain shower anymore?  We'll let you know if and when THAT trend catches on.

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