Do you wash your hands EVERY time you use a public restroom?

Perhaps you wash your hands religiously after using the restroom at a store or restaurant, but not so much at work. Who cares, you know all those people in the office and they're like family, right? You can let the hand-washing slide there. Ew! Family members and those donut-eating co-workers have germs too.

Just how many people skip washing their hands at public restrooms and go ahead and spread the germs?

A new survey from the Bradley Corporation (a manufacturer of plumbing fixtures) says 29 percent of us sometimes skip washing hands. Right, because public restrooms are full of germs and who wants to tough those sinks.

One percent confess they never wash after using a public restroom.

The rest of us are good citizens and non-germ-spreaders. 70 percent of Americans say they always wash their hands.

Flu season is coming up, and I'd like to thank my co-workers here at the radio station in advance for killing the germs by washing up. If you're not going to wash up, we'll hose you down with Lysol!

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