I'm all for packing a lunch to save time and money at work, but on the upcoming holiday that encourages all of us to brown bag it, there is one huge reason why we should totally rebel and grab food from a restaurant instead.

It's on a Saturday!  Every year when March 10th rolls around, we're encouraged to put some yogurt and veggie chips in a cooler bag and be part of National Pack Your Lunch Day.  But if falls on a weekend this year and that makes it a little weird.

If you've got a Monday - Friday gig, I'm guessing you won't go to work on a day off just to eat your sandwich.  And it would also be weird to go to school on Saturday just to eat a Lunchable.  So...Mom's Diner, here we come.  Or Subway.  My kids love that, and if you take it to go, it also counts as a packed lunch right?  Somebody packed it.

What else do you pack for lunch?  I pack some weird stuff sometimes like imitation crab meat and thousand island dressing for dunking, or celery and peanut butter powder with a side of kale chips.  Or a homemade wrap that uses an egg white omelet instead of a tortilla and I put arugula and crispy fava beans inside for some crunch.  My co-workers look at me weird and offer to take me to the store, but I always tell them this way no one wants to steal my lunch.  It all works out.

Here's an idea.  Since National Pack Your Lunch Day is on a Saturday this year, why not pack a lunch and head to the park?  It's supposed to be almost 80 on Saturday.  I'll bring the fava beans.

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