It's not just frat guys that love their pizza.  In fact, when the term "pizza lover" is broken down we find out it's skinny girls above the age of 35 that love it the most. We'll starve ourselves all day to pig out on it, right?

But all pizzas are not created equally of course.

Six in ten of the biggest pizza lovers are women, and almost 70 percent of us exercise at least twice a week, according to the Restaurant News study.  This bunks the idea that out-of-shape beer guzzlers are the ones who keep the pizza industry ticking.  It turns out it's girls, and 78 percent prefer soft drinks with pizza over beer.  Who knew.

There are so many gluten-free and clean ingredient options now, that health-conscious women can cave to the pizza craving and feel good about it.  Plus there are still plenty of greasy, thick crusts loaded with sausage to make everyone happy.  And thirty-seven percent of pizza lovers say they've posted a picture of their slice on social media.  We know.  We've liked it.

The healthier pizza options are supposed to keep coming since the demand is there. It's not just a fad.  It's the new reality for restaurants and in the frozen section at grocery stores.  We want spinach and artichokes and sundried tomatoes to go with that non-dairy cheese.  Sometimes.

This fall at the Cowboys football-watching parties we'll gobble up whatever is there because there will probably also be festive beverages involved and it's just fun that way.

Hungry anyone?  What's your favorite pizza joint?

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