If you've watched even one episode of Lone Star Law, then there's a VERY good chance that you've seen the Texas Game Wardens issue warnings and/or citations to people that aren't following the laws regarding fishing here in the Lone Star State. Many times, the people that the wardens come into contact with are fishing without a license - which is a felony here in Texas, if you didn't know.

However, this Saturday, you won't need a fishing license to fish. This Saturday, like the first Saturday in June every year, is Free Fishing Day. It's only one day, and - to my knowledge - it's only going on in the state of Texas.

You are allowed to fish on ANY public body of water in Texas without a fishing license. Fishing licenses aren't that expensive, but for anyone that hasn't gone fishing before, or who is curious about fishing, this is a great time for them to test it out, and to learn from people that have had a lot more experience fishing.

As someone that grew up fishing, I personally think this is a really cool event, and gives people the chance to get outside and see some of the Texas wildlife that they may not have seen before.

For more information about fishing, there are a couple of options for you to check out. One is the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website. The other is TakeMeFishing.org. Both of these have lots of great info on Free Fishing Day.

Remember, Free Fishing Day is this Saturday, June 6th. Good luck!

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