Isinglass, a gelatinous substance that comes from fish bladders, and you might have been drinking it this whole time without realizing it.  Yum.

Guinness said this week that it will introduce a new brewing process in 2016 that will skip the "isinglass," or fish guts.

The company said the isinglass has been used for decades in filtration systems at breweries, but because Guinness has a vegan client-base and they want to keep them, they'll add a new filtration system next year that will get rid of the fish guts and use other vegan-friendly substances instead.

Apparently the isinglass is part of what has given Guinness the smooth texture that perhaps you've grown to love.  Ew.  And yum at the same time.

Will the beer taste the same once the fish bladder-based process is removed?  Who knows!  But it will be fun to find out.  Better have another to know for sure...


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