Dang it.  This zaps the fun right out of our weekend pig-out session.  It turns out our favorite restaurant meals have way too many calories - maybe even a half day's worth - and it's not always that obvious.

People in a lab ordered food from restaurants across the country and did a calorie count, and TIME Magazine says the results were pretty shocking. Or, maybe it just proves what we already knew about but just conveniently overlooked because that's more fun!

They found that 92 percent of restaurant meals have too many calories. So all of them pretty much!  Many meals will have 1250 calories, which is over half of what we're supposed to have in a day if we're in that 2000 calorie target range.  Add a couple of vodka tonics and some chips and salsa and well, we're stuffed!

You know how many calories they recommend we get from a restaurant meal?  570.  Compared to the big fat fun meals, that might feel a little like we're just eating an apple off the buffet line.  The 570 is usually an amount listed on the "lighter choices" section of the menu, right?  The healthy options should be the only options, according to the research.

Lufkin restaurants seem really good at giving us healthy options (like the grilled concoctions at Manhattan's on Lufkin Ave.), along with the really tasty diet-busters that we just have to have once in awhile.  (Thank you Whataburger).

Sometimes those yoga pants mean we're on our way to the gym, and sometimes the yoga pants mean we're stuffed full of pizza and we need to lay out in stretchy and forgiving cotton clothes for awhile.  It's win-win, so eat up and have a great weekend!

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