This is a follow-up to a story I posted about 3 weeks ago.  Just want to remind you that the 'Forest Country Job Fair' will be held at Angelina College on Tuesday, May 22, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Ready?

(1)  Attire - Business Professional.  Meaning "flight attendant", not "cocktail waitress", for the ladies.  Men, your Sunday best please, and I'm not talking an alligator insignia polo shirt and Fred Couples golf shorts.

(2)  Arrival Time - Allow yourself enough of the day to visit with each prospective employer.  You cannot do this by showing up thirty minutes to close.

(3)  Resume - one page easy on the eyes ( as much space as there is copy).  Recruiters may disagree with this, but the largest font should be your TELEPHONE NUMBER.  Resumes should highlight 'accomplishments' of your work history.  Employed with an organization where you streamlined cost, while increasing productivity (and putting those percentages On The Resume), will likely mean more than saying "motivated employees with Subway sandwiches during weekly staff meeting".

(4)  Can you answer these questions:  (a) "Tell us about yourself", and (b) "What kind of skills will you bring that can benefit our company"?

The following responses may not be well received:

(a)  "At 32, I was the oldest person to win the 2012 Galopagus Rock Climbing challenge, where it took me only 18 minutes to scale a miniature Mount Rushmore"

(b)  "Besides typing 50 words per minute, I'm considered an exceptional worker that loves dogs"

(5)  Eye contact is a must.  Looking at the food court and wondering if they have a chili dog on the menu while shaking hands, could get you strike one in the first 15 seconds.

(6)  On this point, I always refer to the movie "Wall Street", where Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) tells Buddy Fox (Charlie Sheen) " the cheap salesman talk..." Above all, be yourself - and that should resonate immediately.

Good Luck!