The next time you are driving northbound on Timberland Drive, glance over at the KFC, because if changes bode well for a test market restaurant, you may not recognize the place in time to come.

With a new shift in the 20-30 demographic staying away from traditional fast food while frequenting the fast-casual chains (Applebee's, Red Lobster, etc..), Kentucky Fried Chicken is exploring options that include a logo change minus the welcoming mug of Colonel Sanders.

The new "KFC eleven" (in reference to the 11 herbs and spices in the original recipe) will feature a simple display banner being shared with a chicken silhouette.  As for the chow, expect flatbread sandwiches and rice bowls.  Side dishes will include waffle fries and garlic mashed potatoes, in addition to the long standing coleslaw offering.  And, the chicken - will be boneless!

All traditions ultimately become faced with death, and "change" ranks in the top five of things Americans don't particularly care for, alongside moving and going to the doctor.

KFC has obviously thought out their marketing plan, but I'm anxious to see if patrons don't give it "the bird" after all the fanfare of this new novelty menu wears off.  Their first remodeling project takes place in Louisville, Kentucky (fried chicken), so how will the revamped design be received in much smaller communities, where residents have dined on the 10 piece bucket for nearly half a century.

Yum Brands has ownership of KFC, along with Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.