One of the things I look forward to every year is going to BBQ cookoffs. I'm a HUGE fan of going to those. Whether I'm part of the team competing, going to support someone that is competing, or whether I'm just going to hang out simply because there happens to be a BBQ cookoff going on - it doesn't matter. I just love going.

With everything going on right now, we've seen several cookoffs get postponed, changed, and some have even been cancelled. However, there's one coming up next month in Livingston that lots of people are pretty pumped about.

The 1st annual Smoke In The Pines BBQ Cookoff will take place Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th at Pedigo Park in Livingston. This will be an IBCA - International Barbeque Cookers Association - sanctioned event.

Registration is $200 per team, and each ancillaries will be $20 per category. There will be competitions for the "big three" - brisket, ribs and chicken - and the ancillaries listed right now are for cook's choice and beans.

The payout for each meat category is listed below:

  • 1st - $450
  • 2nd - $350
  • 3rd - $300
  • 4th - $250
  • 5th - $150

Ancillary categories have a different payout, each listed below:

  • Cook's Choice 1st - $150
  • Cook's Choice 2nd - $100
  • Cook's Choice 3rd - $50
  • Beans 1st (and only) - $100

Then, the grand champion will also receive an additional $400, with the reserve grand champion receiving $200.

If you do the math, that all adds up to $5,500 in guaranteed payout and A LOT of good food. So, go ahead and put the Smoke In The Pines 1st Annual BBQ Cookoff in your calendar. More info - including registration details - can be found on the Smoke In The Pines Annual BBQ Cook-off Facebook page and also on the Polk County Chamber of Commerce website

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