As a kid, vacation always meant going to the beach, but sometimes you have to drive a long time to get to the white sandy beaches.

Here are a list of beaches you might now be able to get to on just one tank of gas, but are definitely worth the trip.

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    Crystal Beach

    Renting a beach house here is always a bit more economical than going all the way to Galveston. Same beach basically, just not on a island. Looking to get to the beach, for the lowest possible price, that would be the way to go.

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    schlitterbahn galveston


    If you like to go to the beach, and stay in a super fancy hotel instead of a beach house, this is the way to go. We used to stay at the Victorian Condo Hotel and it was nice.  Still budget friendly, but you have access to pools and the beach. Plus the rooms had all the amenities so you could cook your own dinners occasionally instead of eating out every meal. Eating out KILLS the vacation budget. Especially if you are taking a large family.  Plus you could go to Schlitterbahn.

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    Corpus Christi

    This is really the only beach destination on the list that is part of a large city. Corpus is home to over 300K citizens. That means you can get the best of both worlds. Beach time, a slice of the vibrant lifestyle in the area. Food Truck Fridays, Farmers Market, and great restaurants all await you there.

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    South Padre Island

    This is basically a resort town. With only about 3,000 full time residents, you can really enjoy the finer things that the multiple resorts on the island have to offer. This one is a long drive from Lufkin and Nacogdoches, almost all the way to Mexico. Could be quicker just to get to Florida.

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    Destin, Florida

    There are so many Texans that head to Destin when it's time for some real beach time. If what you crave is white sand between your toes, except no substitutes. This is the first place when you get to Florida where you can see that. This is the first white sand beach I had ever been to.  It really is worth it.

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