If you're going to own a pet bison, I suppose it's key that it's housebroken.

If you don't mind a drive across the state, you can buy a pet bison from one Texas couple that's selling a housebroken one. Just make sure your homeowner's association approves before you add it to your Lufkin neighborhood.

Karen Schove of Argyle (north of Fort Worth), put an ad on Craigslist to see if there were any takers for the 1000-pound bison that she says "doesn't go potty in the house."  The asking price is $5950.

TIME Magazine caught up with the story and said the bison named Bullet is also famous for being part of the children’s book, Heaven Is For Animals by Nancy Tillman.

I have so many questions about how they taught this bison to go potty outside in the first place.  A carrot and an ear rub each time she did it successfully? And can a bison teach a housebreaking class to dogs? That might be a reason to buy this bison and bring her back.  A brand new pet-training business in East Texas.

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