I had no idea this existed in East Texas, Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant. It is nothing more than forest with decaying concrete today, but in it's heyday, it produced TNT and other military equipment during World War II and for years after that. Let's take a look at the history of this abandoned facility and how it's providing another necessity today.

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Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant During WWII

The Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant got it's start in 1941 to produce TNT for use in World War II. It was even one of the biggest employers in East Texas at the time. Along with TNT, the plant produced incendiary devices and Pershing rocket motors. The plant grew and basically became it's own city with 451 buildings, a rail network and it's own electrical and water treatment plant.

Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Service after WWII

The plant continued munitions production during the Korean and Vietnam wars. In the late 80's, the facility was used as the first site of the destruction of missiles as part of the United States and Soviet Union INS Treaty. Then Vice President George Bush personally witnessed that first event.

Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Decommissioning

In the 90's, it was discovered that the land had become contaminated because of the manufacturing done there. In 1997, the Army declared the plant to be "in excess of it's needs" and the process began for the plant to be transferred to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant as it Stands Now

In 2009, the area became the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Most of the area, with the exception of select parts, are open for visitors to walk the site. The abandoned buildings have become the perfect habitat for the wildlife of the area. Personally, I didn't know this existed. I would love to explore it some time.

Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant

This abandoned Army munitions plant is now home to the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Check out these photos from a drone tour by YouTube channel Xplore RC.

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