People are living longer around the globe, but in Texas, not so much.  Many of us won't even make it to 80!

If we want to live longer, apparently we need to move to Spain.  Here's why.

The average life expectancy in Spain, according to CNN, will be 85.8 years by the year 2040.  And that will give Spain the top spot in the world, edging out Japan for having the highest number of people who live the longest.

The U.S. doesn't even land in the top 10.  In fact, CNN said we will have the lowest life expectancy of the high-income countries.

The top 10 countries for life expectancy by 2040, according to the study:

1. Spain (85.8 years)
2. Japan (85.7 years)
3. Singapore (85.4 years)
4. Switzerland (85.2 years)
5. Portugal (84.5 years) saw the biggest increase of any country in the top 20, rising from 23rd place to fifth
6. Italy (84.5 years) rose from seventh place to sixth
7. Israel (84.4 years)
8. France (84.3 years)
9. Luxembourg (84.1 years)
10. Australia (84.1 years)

In Texas, our average life expectancy now is 78.45 years.  That's only slightly under the U.S. average of 78.86 years, so it's a difference of a few months.  But Europe is out-living us by a whole lot.

Why do you think we're so far behind the rest of the world?  It could be what we eat, a lack of exercise, addictions, refusing to go to the doctor because it's so darned expensive, or a whole host of other things.  But it makes me want to get on the treadmill and eat a lot of apples, stat.

Of all the high-income countries, the U.S. is expected to take the biggest drop on the life-expectancy list, falling from 43rd place in 2016 to 64th place by 2040.  So maybe we should move to Spain? Or eat more apples.

Or let this motivate us to get healthier without waiting for that New Year's Resolution to roll around.  Wake up call.

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