The Astros' minor league team is getting wild with the concession stand snacks.  Why combine pizza and a hot dog?  Why not!

You know how some pizza places put things inside the crust in an effort to cram as many calories as possible into the big fat breaded part that you hang onto?  The Fresno Grizzlies are one-uppin' that.  They're the Astros' minor league affiliate, and the Grizzlies said on Twitter that they have come up with the idea of shoving a whole hot dog into the pizza crust.

It might actually be a good idea (and practical) since the wienie might add some extra support to the crust and help a guy or gal hang on.  It works kinda like re-bar in cement I would imagine, only it probably tastes better.

The hot dog inside pizza crust might even be better than a hot dog inside a bun.  If you have picky kids like I do you can rip off the hot dog and hand it to the three-year old, and the other kids can eat the pizza.  Everyone is happy.  This may be a genius idea.

Are the Grizzlies any good this year?  It matters not!  They've got some wild concessions, and that's half the fun of baseball anyway.

Your Memorial Day Weekend challenge:  perfect the Frankenslice on your home grill.  Your wife will be impressed!  Or at least the kids will be.

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