Do you think we need a "Believe It Or Not Section" on the Q107 website?

Just when it can't get any weirder out there, the Nacogdoches police are issuing a warning to be on the lookout for a scam targeting your inbox.  While this crime epidemic has been steadily spreading around the country, it has arrived in East Texas.  Here's a reminder about how remarkable technological advancement breed a new form of cyber terrorism.

Dubbed the "Hit Man" scam, because you receive an e-mail from a person claiming to be a "hired killer" that has been paid to end your life, whereby, the "hit" will be discontinued if you pay money to the sender of the e-mail.

The fraud has been traced back to the United Kingdom (England).  Anyone getting this type of correspondence should strike the 'delete' button immediately.

Nacogdoches Police included an example of the email (complete with bad grammar) on their Facebook page.