Is it better to get a flu shot at the doctor's office, or while you're at a store picking up frozen pizzas and toilet paper?  Take the poll!

I get a flu shot almost every year, and now my daughters have accepted that fact the flu shot is just part of fall, kinda like pumpkin spice and creepy clowns.  Why fight it the flu "poke" as we call it.

As we were talking about where to get this year's "poke," my 9-year old said to me, "Mama, can we please do it at the doctor's office?  Getting a poke at a store is weird!"  I hadn't thought about it until that moment, but she might have a point. Getting Doritos, beer, and an immunization in the same trip is something that didn't used to happen.  But it's so convenient!  And sometimes the stores offer shopping discounts or gift cars for getting the poke while we're in the store.  That's something that doesn't happen at the doctor's office.

What do you think?  Add your thoughts in the poll.

Texas Health and Human Services says flu activity in Texas is still low, but the germs are brewing.  Flu season runs through February.


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