By now the kids have probably uttered the phrase that all parents dread during the summer. “I'm bored.” Now what?!

If you need help plugging up the kids' schedules this summer, we've got some cheap and free ideas.  

We've mentioned how awesome the library is when it comes to free things to do. If you’ve got a bookworm on your hands, you'll be going back every week or two for a fresh supply of books and of course, it's free to check them out.  And if the kids like to watch someone else read and be entertained the library is always good for storytime too.

We've also mentioned the free classes at Home Depot on Saturdays that allow parents and kids to work together on a project and usually take home a souvenir.  The kids get some hands-on skills and parents get to cross and errand off the to-do list and pick up a hammer and some light bulbs while they're there.  Our Lufkin Home Depot on South Medford Drive offers the classes.

What else!

I’ve stumbled across some more relief from summer boredom at Bass Pro Shops.  That might be worth planning a road trip around, to the Houston or Dallas areas, and stock up while you're there for hunting, camping, and fishing trips this fall back here in East Texas.

If you have more than one child the chances are good that at least one of them is really into outdoorsy things, and Bass Pro Shops will hit them right in their wheelhouse with this idea. They’ve got classes on Thursdays. Saturdays, and Sundays, and if the kids complete six projects they’ll get a medal. The projects sound like fun, and if they do them at the store there’s no chance of a huge mess at home. Thank you Bass Pro Shops. The classes vary each week, so it’s a good idea to check the schedule before you head out.  This Saturday they've got free workshops on fishing, shooting sports, and camping.  They'll also have games set up like spikeball, ladder ball, and bean bag toss.

Summer is a blast, and it’s even better if we never have to hear the kids utter the words, “I'm bored.”

If all else fails, fireworks are coming up!  We'll have more right here on that free fun too.  Hang in there, parents.  School will be starting soon enough!

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