The next time you go to the airport don't be surprised to see something out of normalcy, and I'm not talking about the TSA asking my 89 year-old wheelchair bound grandmother to "stand up" and take off her shoes for inspection.

Animals and insects, yes insects, are being used to assist some major airports with security, maintenance, and even to comfort traveler's.

For instance:

Honeybees are the newest addition in Seattle, where beekeepers swear that the ideal habitat for raising the buzzers is between "Runway 16 Left", and "Taxi Way Foxtrot".  Can anyone say bee strike?  And, how does this assist the airport?

Los Angeles is bringing in "therapy" dogs for their onslaught of stressed out passengers trying to make it through the maze of so-called charitable organizations.

Forget that mounting excitement of seeing the San Francisco skyline upon landing, because a more interesting site may be the herd of goats grazing on the airports perimeter.  Their assignment is to prevent fires during dry seasons by chomping on the tall grass.

And the great state of Texas is using the animal that I certainly would expect to see here.  Horseback riders can be seen slowly galloping on the edge of Bush Intercontinental Airport looking for abandoned vehicles, breaks in the fencing, and characters appearing suspicious.

Can we expect to see an "animal fee" on our tickets before end of the year?