One team kept scoring and scoring, and the other team didn't, and now the coach of the winning team is being criticized for running up the score.  What would you do?

It happened in San Bernardino,  California, and Arroyo Valley High girls' coach Michael Anderson is being accused of poor sportsmanship.  In fact, he was suspended for two games after the 161-2 win over Bloomington High last week, according to CBS Los Angeles.

At one point he said he "didn't expect the other team to be that bad."  Ooo......That hurts!  But really, should a coach have to stop his players from trying, or encourage them to throw in the towel if the score gets too high?  Think of all the girls on the team who got in on the scoring and got a chance to contribute to the team, that might not have gotten the chance if the score had been 45 to 42.

And can it be a good thing for the losing team to learn defeat?  A really really bad defeat?

My daughter's soccer team lost BAD last fall in their first game.  I think the final score was 26 to 2.  It was awful.  But sports happen, and there's no guarantee that a game will be close, and as a parent/observer I didn't particularly want the other team to give us any charity goals because they felt sorry for us.  Oh wait, yes I did.  Because the kids were 4 years old!  But the next game was much better for my daughter's team, and they ended up winning several during the season.

Is the 161 to 2 game a sportsmanship issue?  How would you handle it as a parent?