It's boots, barbecue, and hats, along with a little NASCAR, some firearms, fishing, and pickup trucks, according to a new survey.  So what city in the US has the most of all that goodness?  Unfortuantely, it's not Diboll. Which we love!

The real estate website's survey of the "most country" city in the U.S.A. watched Facebook users to see what interests they had. They concluded that Fort Worth is the most country city in the country.

Love that sweet tea! And Fort Worth knows how to put on a rodeo too.

San Antonio was ranked number two, followed by Tulsa, Oklahoma; Oklahoma City; and El Paso, TX.

As for the least country cities:  San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington. D.C.

We'll take Texas any day!  Keep that barbecue comin'.

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