This news cannot be surprising to anyone having absorbed the cavalier attitude of today's college and pro athletes, and with so much money invested in talent, the "stars" seem to get a free pass more often than the "math major", or band member.

In my day, drug and alcohol testing consisted of you getting your a** kicked by Varsity Football Coaches Lowry AND James.  Not to mention the academic requirements bestowed on those regularly moving the pigskin.

I remember once when our star running back received a "D" in history, then laughed about the fact that he was untouchable due to his status on the gridiron.  I also remember the day he regretted those comments.  Nobody really talked about what led him to getting a "B+" 90 days later.

Then there was "Beenie" (known by his nick-name, we didn't ever know his real name).  He was the Weight Room Attendant.  Came to school high as a "high" rise condo one day.  The very next day, after P.E., Beenie rushed to a corner of the gym where he knealt to one knee.  When I inquired about his openly religious transformation, he could only stammer through two words over and over again, saying "the Coaches...the Coaches...the Coaches".

"I see you got drug tested Beenie", I replied.

So beginning in 2013, Nacogdoches High School will test all students that participate in athletic programs and academic clubs.  There will be many penalties depending on the frequency of the infraction.  Suffice to say, between 20 and 365 days of school suspension shall be made available to the non-compliant.

Now, some students upon being caught, will be compelled to complain about their rights being grossly taken advantage of.  My advice is simply take the sentence imposed and be thankful Coach Lowry AND Coach James don't know who you are.