With COVID-19, everything has been up in the air, and it seems that lots of normal things have been changing. We've seen stores change everything from hours to policies and inventory. We've seen the sports world completely turned upside down. We've seen our entire lives impacted by this pandemic.

It's also brought about a lot of questions. A large portion of those questions revolve around what school is going to look like for students, as well as faculty and staff members. People have been asking what dates would students begin school, or what would a typical school day look like now.

Well, one of our local school districts has answered a few of those questions.

According to an article from the NISD website, the school district has made the announcement that the trustees have approved the 2020-21 school year to begin on August 31st. In addition to beginning on the 31st, they also made the announcement that the first four weeks of the school year will involve virtual learning, with the first day of in-person instruction beginning on Monday, September 28th.

They will also be extending the length of the school day by 30 minutes for instruction. According to Superintendent Gabe Trujillo this will "...[limit] or [eliminate] having to extend the 2020-21 school year and academic calendar into June.”

The article also mentioned that NISD will be sharing their full plans for the beginning of the year, and that those plans will also be submitted to local health officials.

In the midst of all the uncertainty that is going on around us, it's nice to see at least a little normalcy come back into play. Will the plans for local schools change between now and then? Perhaps. But, it's awesome to see that our local schools have a plan, and they're preparing for a new school year.

You can read the full statement from the NISD website here.

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