Bigger is always better in East Texas, and the Neches River Life's 2nd Annual Big Catfish Tournament will be even bigger than the first. This event is coming up on Friday, April 22nd -  Saturday, April 23rd.

Fishing starts that Friday at 10 am, and weigh-in will start that Saturday at 9 am and closes at noon. Weigh-in will be at 58 Junction located at 1374 FM 58 in Lufkin, Texas.

The payouts will be decided by a couple of different factors and will be announced as the tournament gets closer.  At this time they are still to be determined. The registration fee is just $100 per team, which is due a week before the tournament or there will be late fees applied.

You can have up to three people on your team, as long as one of them is over 18. One boat per team. You can see the full official rules on Facebook CLICK HERE.

Kids Fishing Pole Tourney

There will be 1-10th place awarded a kids fishing pole tourney. It's a one-fish weigh-in for kids 15 and under. Kids under 15 don't have to be one of the 3 team participants, and there is no entry fee. This is a great way to get your kids involved in fishing.

Catfish Fishing Tournaments Are Different

There are a lot of interesting rules and regulations specific to this fishing tournament. If you have participated in different types of tournaments in the past, pay special attention to the rules.

This is a one-fish-only tournament. Just one fish per team will be weighed. 

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How you catch that big catfish is pretty much up to you. Any legal bait can be used. You can catch them by any legal means of getting a fish, even a trotline. Good luck out there on the beautiful Neches River.

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