Office desks used to be so simple.  Workers just needed a few folders and some drawers to shove things in, and they were all set for the day.  Now we've got computers and mp3 players and all sorts of new-fangled things sitting atop the desk. Now, some desks even come with treadmills!

As people look for ways to burn calories while stuck at work for eight hours a day, desk manufacturers are trying to cater to those needs and wants.  

Treadmill desks, standup desks or other moving workstations are becoming more popular, and allow workers to walk on a treadmill while making phone calls and sorting through emails.  Treadmill desks are normally set to move at one to two mph, enough to get the heart rate up but not too fast to distract from reading or talking on the phone comfortably.  But you know there will be some over achievers in the office that just have to bump it up to 4 mph, and you'll probably be able to hear the heavy breath on those phone calls.  Do people really want to sweat in their business attire?

Studies have shown how harmful it can be to sit at a desk all day long, without exercise. The innovative desk makers are trying to combat that problem, keep people healthy, and keep productivity up by boosting moods and energy levels.  Think it will work?

If suddenly our on-air personalities start sounding a little winded when they talk, you'll know what happened.