Texas is full of unique restaurants, and this one is right up there near the top.  At this East Texas spot you can get a burger layered up with double meat and dripping with cheese, and you can eat it inside an old-fashioned Airstream trailer that's sitting out back. Road trip on!  And then you can rent the trailer and bring it back home if you want.

If you've been to Beaumont you might have heard the buzz about Willy Burger.  Any restaurant that has a guy's name in it is guaranteed to be good!  The Jimmys and Billys and Joes always seem to knock it out of the park.

At Willy's in Beaumont, they've got juicy burgers and hot dogs, onion rings, and fries, and they don't skimp on the bacon and cheese toppings.  And they're known for grilling the onions and peppers in bacon grease.  This burger joint might be worth a road trip anyway (because Texans plan road trips around food), but add in the fact that you can eat the burgers in an Airstream trailer straight out of the 1950's, and that's the little extra punch that we don't get every day.  The Airstream only has room for a couple of tables inside, so you'll never feel like you're in a crowded restaurant.

Only In Your State.com says Willy's has a separate picnic area with hubcap decor too, if you want to eat outside.  It's "Willy, Willy good," or at least that's the slogan Willy's has painted on the side of the restaurant.

Willy Burger says on its website that the Airstream is available for rent, so if you want to deprive others from enjoying it for a bit in Beaumont, you can park it elsewhere and have a big burger party.  I'm not sure if they'll let us bring it all the way back here, but it's worth the ask.

In addition to Beaumont, Willy Burger has opened another location in Katy.  Sounds like a great alternative to turkey leftovers!


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