Athletes have been drinking pickle juice for years to stay hydrated and keep cramps away, and this sour little cucumber-vinegar mix has caught on with the masses.  Leave it to one Texas company to sell this magic elixir not in small jars, but in gallon, Texas-sized jugs. They say it's got some pretty magical powers. Buy it now and live forever!

Don't ya appreciate a company that has an independent streak and might break a few rules in the name of "everything is bigger in Texas?"  People say it all the time, so we might as well dance with what brought us and own the "bigger."  Pickle juice in containers bigger than your head.

Pickle juice isn't just for keeping pickles company in the jar anymore and then dumping when the pickles are gone. The health benefits of drinking pickle juice include helping with muscle aches and cramps (including PMS ladies!), absorbing minerals, and helping regulate sodium levels.

Best Maid Pickles got its start in Mansfield (south of Dallas) in 1926, and mayonnaise, pickles, and pickle relish are its claim to fame.  Maybe you've invited them to several of your backyard barbecues.  And now, if you want to experience the magic of the pickle juice phenomenon for yourself, you can get a whole gallon of just the juice on Amazon for $25.95.  They suggest in addition to drinking it by the glass, you can pour it into molds and shock the kids with some pickle juice popsicles.

Just one more reason that Texas is great!  Don't mess with um...pickles.

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