Rock the Square in Downtown Tyler on Saturday night was a blast, full of music, frosty beverages, and rock solid music.  And many fans watched it on the small screen.

(This concert is part of our "Fall Fun Guide" that you might have picked up at select businesses around East Texas.)

I had plenty of time backstage to observe things Saturday night at Rock the Square, and I noticed during the Foghat show, that the urge to get out the smart phone was irresistible!

It's hard to stand there and watch a concert, arms down, just listening, huh?   Must. Grab. Phone.  (Obviously, I did too.)  Some of these fans were capturing video, others were taking pictures, and some might have been live streaming on Facebook.  It's just the way we experience concerts now.  And the band didn't seem to mind.  Yes please, show your social media friends what we're up to.

Rock the Square was a pretty incredible experience.  Blue Oyster Cult might have drawn the most fans and produced the most raucous crowd noise, but Foghat sounded fantastic, and those members might be the most down-to-earth guys on tour today.

I'll be posting more Rock the Square pictures soon, and I'd love to see yours too, so we'll be watching for those on social media.  Cuz I know you got 'em!


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