Texas isn't the best place in the country to retire, but it's not the worst either.  See where we rank, and why retirees are better off here than in Florida.

When we think of the optimal place to retire, we usually think of Florida, and beaches and all those unfashionable shirts with floral patterns, right?  We may be seeing more flowery outfits in Texas too, now that we're ranking in the top half of the US, in the Top 10 Best Places to Retire list, according to Bankrate.

These are the criteria they used:

Cost of living

Quality of health care



Overall well-being

Texas is miles ahead of the typical best-known spots for retirees like Florida, California, and Hawaii.  Those places are crazy expensive, and they all rank much lower than Texas.

People can afford to live here, we've got great scenery and outdoor recreation, and our neighbors tend to behave themselves to make it peaceful for all of us.

Texas is ranked #21.

The #1 place to retire according to Bankrate, is Wyoming.  And Montana, Utah, Nebraska and Colorado all made the Top 10.  Based on that snapshot, it looks like we'll be less concerned about finding great weather, and more tempted to seek out places with lots of elk, mountains, and wide open space when we retire.  Apparently retirees don't want to be around a lot of people.

Sometimes we get itchy to move and try something new, but note-to-selves -- the grass is not always greener on the other side of Texas' fence. We're in a great spot, with good beer, great barbecue, and fun things to do.  More and more people are discovering that all the time.