Apparently we haven't lived until we've tried the Houston Astros' Chicken Waffle Cone or the Texas Rangers' famous 2-foot-long hot dog.  And now there's a festival that's showcasing the wild concessions from all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.  Pack the treadmill!

Oh my goodness.  If we go to an Astros game or a Rangers game this year, we might want to plan what we're going to eat because there are so many greasy, fattening, and awesome choices at the stadiums that it gets hard to choose on a whim.  Premeditated overeating is fun.

The Texas Rangers have been gaining attention for the past few years with the two-foot hot dog covered in cheese and jalapenos, and it costs about $26.  Some families buy it and divide it into fourths to share and then move on to nachos and sliders later.  But I've seen big dudes polish it off with no trouble and wash it down with a beer too.  It's a right of passage as a Rangers fan.

The Astros got a little attention for winning the World Series and all, but how about that Chicken Waffle Cone?  It's exactly what it sounds like -- a waffle cone with mashed potatoes inside, topped with little chicken poppers and mustard drizzled on stop.  The waffle cone is just the vessels for carrying your chicken and spuds around the stadium, and eliminates the need for utensils.  A total win.

This April in New York City, Major League Baseball is having its first ever festival to celebrate stadium food from all 30 MLB stadiums, and they'll be cranking out the best and craziest dishes from each one.  Like the aforementioned Texas contributions, along with the San Francisco Giants’ Crazy Crab Sandwich, the LA Dodgers’ Cheeto-lote and the Seattle Mariners’ Toasted Grasshoppers.  Really, Seattle?  Texas for the win.

Baseball is fun and all, but pigging out at an MLB stadium is part of the experience too.  The Rangers and Astros play each other to kick off the season, and opening day is coming up March 29th.  Get ready to eat big!  At least some wings at a Lufkin sports bar.  It'll be fun.

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