Ya ever tried to expense a Llama for a photo shoot? What about that $30 Match.com membership?

A boss would have to be really lenient and a little bit crazy to let some of this stuff slide.

NBC News ran a story by an expense management firm that posted some of the odd business expense requests they've seen in 2016.

Someone really tried to expense the llama rental, and since it was for a work-related photo shoot maybe we can kinda sorta understand why they tried.  They might have been better off borrowing one from that friend of yours who owns the llama farm over in Pickton.

Other odd expense requests this year include a bagpipe player, a Match.com membership, and $28,000 bottle service in Las Vegas.  Oh, and a $60 blow up doll for a retirement party.  We won't ask.

Gas and meals are usually reimbursed with no trouble at all, but other requests can get a little wild.  Has the boss ever said no to an expense request of yours? Do tell.

And we offer the reminder that there are just three more days to get those llama expense requests turned in for 2016.

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