The most crowded spots are not always the best places to take the family for some rest and relaxation.  Sometimes the best times are at the hidden gems that are off the beaten path, like these secret spots at Texas state parks.  Did we miss any?

These spots are supposed to be some of the best in Texas for hiking and camping. And if you want to pack up the mountain bike these places will offer wide open space, instead of dodging trash bins and cars on crowded residential streets in Tyler or Longview.

Cleburne State Park near Fort Worth has a 116-acre lake and boasts 5.5 miles of mountain biking too, and although it's outside of the DFW metroplex it's still close enough to take in a Rangers game on your way home.  Oh, and goecaching!  That's kinda like Pokemon Go before Pokemon Go was cool.

TPW Magazine suggests another hidden gem is Bonham State Park near the Oklahoma border, that has a no-wake lake and a dance terrace and barbecue pits. Eisenhower State Park is nearby too.

Caddo Lake State Park, and Tyler State Park are closer, and since the magazine didn't highlight those, maybe they truly are hidden gems.  Shh!  We'll keep that hiking and camping all to ourselves.

Fort Parker State Park outside of Waco was named for Fort Parker, a historic settlement where Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped. It's got rich history, and now it's a good place to tent a canoe and get some pics of those great Texas sunsets.

The weather this weekend looks great - between 70 and 80 and sunny all the way through.  And it may even be a 3-day weekend with President's Day on Monday, so there's plenty of time to get out and start working on that sunburn.

If we missed a spot, we'd love to know your thoughts.  State parks are a great way to make the most of spring in Texas, before it gets too hot, right?  Have fun.

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